6 Essential Healthcare Board Customizations

 Ensure your communication boards are designed to meet the exact needs of your team with the six most crucial customizations that every healthcare communication board must include.

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Successful Patient Care Starts with Precise Staff Communication

Our mission at Patient Care Boards is to provide healthcare facilities with a proven communication system to increase patient satisfaction through ingenuity, creativity and innovation.

More About Patient Care Boards (formerly ID Communication Systems)

As the leading manufacturer of standard patient care boards, we understand the importance of clear and effective communication in the healthcare industry. We take pride in field-tested, cost-effective tools to engage staff, patients and involved family or friends in a proactive cycle of up-to-date information, checklists and safety protocols.


In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook simple solutions. As a division of ID Signsystems, we’ve taken our history in healthcare signage to develop creative, data-based boards that are both timeless and topical.


Customized to your specific departmental or hospital-wide needs, our patient care boards easily incorporate branding and messaging, all within a product rooted in changeability and efficacy.

The use of our new patient communication boards has been very well received by both patients and caregivers. They are colorful and effective in passing on information to physicians and the care team as well as sharing information both ways with family members. We truly are glad that we worked with Patient Care Boards to create a great communication vehicle for our patients and their families. The company was great to work with and follow up was quick and complete. Installation was easy and the glass cleans very easily.

Deb Willyard RN, MSN

Mercy Medical Center - West Lakes Campus

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