Common Patient Communication Board Questions

Common Patient Communication Board Questions2021-05-11T11:22:43-04:00

Questions? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions below. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to reach out to us using the ChatBot or our Contact Form.

Can I customize my boards?2021-05-11T11:29:17-04:00

Absolutely! The best part of boards using inserts is the ability for Hospitals and their Departments to tailor a board that fits their needs.

What sizes do the boards come in?2021-05-11T11:28:55-04:00

Boards are available in ANY custom size, but we stock the following standard sizes: 18″ x 24″,  24″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 36″ x 48″. All sizes are sized to the insert.

Is there a minimum amount I need to purchase?2020-11-17T14:06:28-05:00

There are NO minimums.

Can I get a sample of my insert before purchasing?2021-05-11T11:28:42-04:00

We send PDF inserts for sign-off on every job and, in rare cases, we will send an insert if the client needs help with sizing.

What kind of client/billing information do you need?2021-05-11T11:28:18-04:00

Billing and Ship To addresses, tax-exempt status and certificate.

How does the design process work?2020-11-17T14:11:13-05:00

You’ll provide us with the basics – size, content, hospital logo, department/need. We can help by supplying similar boards for reference. Once we determine how complicated your design is we will quote design fees (usually $100-$225) which include design and 2 revisions. Most clients need to go through their internal channels for final approvals.

How do I order?2020-11-17T14:03:20-05:00

Click here to get started. This form is a kick-off point so we can get you a quote. Once we receive your requirements we’ll contact you directly to discuss the project.

How does shipping work?2021-05-11T11:27:40-04:00

We ship FOB our dock and add costs to the final invoice. Alternately, we can ship 3rd party with your FedEx number. Small orders (less than 10) are usually shipped in batches of 2. Large orders are shipped ground and are boxed on skids.

How do I install the board?2020-11-17T14:05:21-05:00

Simply snap out any two sides of the frame. Use the provided screws to secure the board to the wall through the pre-drilled holes.

How do I clean the board?2020-11-17T14:06:10-05:00

We recommend any non-ammonia-based product and a soft, damp rag. You can use a Dispatch rag without fear of streaking or scratching.

Do you accept returns or offer refunds?2020-11-17T14:07:41-05:00

We’ve never experienced a return due to the products’ customizations, but in the event you’re not satisfied with the product, we will accept returns with a 15% stocking fee.

Do the boards come with a warranty?2021-05-11T11:23:54-04:00

If you follow the cleaning instructions, your boards will last years. Our frames do not discolor or deteriorate and the glazing will withstand ghosting. The template will not fade under normal light conditions.

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