Advantage of Using A Customized Hospital Huddle Communication Board

Customized Hospital Huddle Communication Board SampleThere are many advantages to using a customized huddle whiteboard. These hospital communication boards help nurses prioritize patient care and needs as well as focusing on patient safety concerns.

The ultimate goal of these customizable whiteboards is to be an effective and extremely efficient tool for communicating details about patients in their unit or clinic. Participating in a daily huddle gives nurses the opportunity to review pertinent patient issues and to plan for problems and concerns that may occur throughout their shift.

Part of what makes our customized hospital communication boards so successful is that we work closely with nurses to contribute input into the content and design.

The engagement of utilizing customized hospital huddle boards gives the nursing staff an opportunity to participate in quality care improvement initiatives and goal-directed care for their patients. When used properly the result of utilizing the hospital communication board can lead to innovative strategies, celebrate achievements and motivate the entire team. Important information concerning treatment schedules, as well as transfer or discharge needs, can be addressed.

If the hospital communication board is used properly, the huddle board can provide a method of visual management and involve all the nurses in the effort to create positive change during a shift.

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